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Today's time is precious. People no longer have the capacity to just wait around. We have developed a way for customers of service providers such as hospitals, Parlors to connect to their services from anywhere, meaning they can optimise their time and make the most of every minute. Frequently, the uncertainty of how long it will take to wait is often the cause of queue anxiety. And, boredom in the queue can often lead to longer perceived waiting time. How you decide to solve queuing problems differentiates you from your competitors.

Give people the ability to connect to services without having to physically queue. Empower your customers by letting them use Waitlessbuzz and their mobile device to join a virtual queue from comfort of their home, or while they are busy in their routine work. With waitlessbuzz, they arrive on time always that creates pleasent environment.

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What to Look for ?

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  It is your virtual receptionist that assigns token number and manages queue on behalf of your staff.

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  Disable/Enable appointments, Broadcast any adhoc/urgent message to people waiting on virtual queue.

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  No Expensive system, No downloads and No installations. Customers does not require any smartphone or Internet.

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  Build a profile of your customers, maintain one year data and generate useful statistical reports.

What you can expect?

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Innovative IoT Device For Doctors/Service centers

Used to Mark completion of each Turn. This device is connected to Internet with wifi. After each token deletion, Patient at home will get voice update of status of Queue

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