Frequently Asked Questions

Waitless number is a unique number given to our partners, when they register for our value added services. Your customers can join queue or cancel and perform all operations by calling this number.

Yes net enabled phone. But it need not be smart phone, any phone with browsing capability should be fine.

There is no need to install any app from app store. It is a web based application.

Operator at premises has to give him/her a waitless number and have him join the queue by calling the waitless number

The phone numbers and token numbers are available in the Dashboard tab of the application. Cross check the token number against the customer's mobile number and get his token number.

Check your SMS for token number and queue details. Apart from this, automated voice message updates you as and when queue progresses like "Token number 3 completed"

You can block or unblock appointment capability through the system. If you are not working on a day and want to block the appointments, call your waitless number and press 2. Once blocked, customer will be notified about the same when they try to book appointment. Call the waitless number again and press 1 to allow appointments.

Just go to your dashboard in the application and set maximum number of people allowed to join the queue from that time including one in the virtual queue already.

You can find out how many are in queue and can join the queue without leaving your home and without talking to anyone. Once in queue, our system keep updating you through voice messages as and when queue progresses while you are enjoying your routine work. You leave your home only when your turn is close to the front line. We guarantee that you save 80% of your wait time.

Simple. Call the waitless number and dial 1 to cancel it or dequeue.