Your valued customers no more have to wait in queue!

WaitlessBuzz is unique and innovative concept concieved as a result of many months of hard work and contineous thought process. We believe that our innovative & simple to use technology should help people improve their lifestyle. It was developed with a goal to reduce the average wait time of a person in crowded places such as Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Parlors to name few.

As a service provider, you can do lot more with waitlessbuzz. You can block or unblock your customers from joining the virtual queue and can do it from wherever you are at. You can let your precious customers know if you are late to work or decided to shut down for some reason by sending broadcast messages to the people on virtual queue. What else, you can even update your customers on queue with voice updates as and when you complete serving one customer.

This system is designed to ensure No crowd, No Mess, No wait place for our partners and promises to create more pleasant waiting environment by dispersing the waiting crowd. It is a simple system and there is absolutely no need to download or install any software. It is ready for use instantly with and without any smart phone. Go register, secure your WaitLess number today and get most sought after "WaitLess" tag for your service.


The waiting line or queue management is a critical part of service industry. How you decide to solve queuing problems differentiates you from your competitors. We have partnered with many service providers with desire to make their client's life easy and productive using our virtual queue management system.

Service providers who can take advantage of Waitlessbuzz include and are not limited to Hospitals, Parlors, Government agencies, Mass hiring by corporates and Education institutes. These service based organization can reduce cost and thus improve profitability by efficient queue management by Waitlessbuzz.

Gift your customers a value added service called WaitLessBuzz and have happy and repeat customers.